Vanessa Viaggi

Tuesday December 19th, 2017
L’abito da sposa giusto per te
21 November 2017
Cristopher & Joyce Dubai-Libano
20 December 2017

The Caffè Donnini since 1894 located in the beautiful and central square of the Republic of Florence, was the setting for the celebrations of the 10th birthday of the agency Vanessa Viaggi of Florence.

Two prestigious partners present at the event, Hemirates and Sporting Holidays.

The client’s request was to give the evening a festive flavor, in which the Maldives were the protagonists of the event.

The dehor according to our vision has been transformed into a giant maldivian aquarium created all with ballons; giant jellyfish, bubbles and dolphins floated in the air among the selected customers present at the event.

At the center of the room a surf with the logos of the agency’s sponsors and a suitcase with customized tag-bags inside, a tribute for the guests.

We like to surprise at our events, and because of this, after cutting the cake, the roof of the dohor opened up, letting the jellyfish vibrate in the air, which dispersed in the starry sky of Florence.