The wedding veil

Friday July 28th, 2017
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28 July 2017
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28 July 2017

Tradition wants the wedding veil to have a symbolic value and function: it would in fact serve to protect the goodwill of the future bride, to repair it from envious malicious spirits. This shelters also performs when she covers both spouses in front of the altar. In the past, when marriages were combined, the bridal veil served to hide the future bride in her husband’s eyes until the end of the rite, when he could no longer retire. In ancient Rome, the face of the future bride was covered with a red veil, the color of modesty, but later Christians changed color in the third or fourth century, making it white. Today the veil is a beautiful accessory of the gown that gives the bride a sophisticated air, a touch of romance and mystery, wrapping it in a fascinating cloud that slides slowly and elegantly. In the church also the useful function of covering shoulders in the case of bridal dresses and folded out. The veil will have to be matching and matching the chosen dress, and will be stopped by combs inserted in bridal hairstyle, a crown of flowers or a tiara. It will usually be shorter in the front, while it will have a long tail at the back, but it does not exceed 3 meters if not in grand gala weddings, where there will be bridesmaids to support it.