The guests at the right place: the Escort Card

Thursday September 27th, 2018
Mirko & Eleonora Florence
22 December 2017
Wedding in Chianti
19 October 2018

The escort cards represent a valid alternative to the traditional tableau de mariage, very useful in case you have opted for a spectacular imperial table.
These are cards or themed objects based on the style of the wedding, on which is written the name of each guest and the relative number to placè, in this way the guest will be escorted to his station.
In the mise en place, the corresponding number will be placed for each guest. I advise you to number the seats at the table, especially the imperial one, in ascending order, in this way your guests will very easily find the number for them.
For this wedding we had a lot of fun hanging up the escort cards at a whitewashed antique door decorated with lots of green, for a boho green style.


Photocredit : elenaforesto