Cristopher & Joyce Dubai-Libano

Wednesday December 20th, 2017
Vanessa Viaggi
19 December 2017
Mirko & Eleonora Florence
22 December 2017

The beautiful city of Florence was chosen by this young Lebanese couple living in Dubai, to swear eternal love.

It was a pleasure to be able to guide and help them for their wedding, supporting them also for the part of the bureaucratic particle, a very complex and delicate part, to obtain all the necessary documents to be able to celebrate the marriage outside their country of residence.

The Greek Orthodox religious ceremony was celebrated in the Holy Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Florence, where friends and close relatives from all over the world joined the couple to witness their love. It is a ritual full of symbolism and history, in which the ceremony is divided into two parts, originally separated, but today merged together. The engagement, or the solemnization of the promises of marriage and the second, called in the Orthodox tradition of coronation, a name that comes from the crowns placed on the head of the spouses, which according to tradition is repeated three times.

At the end of the ceremony, very moved and moved, the couple headed for Piazzale Michelangelo to have a moment all for them in which the city of Florence was the setting for their photo shoot.

The reception took place at the Artimino estate, in the historic Villa Medicea La Ferdinanda. Here to receive guests an aperitif set up in the back garden, with traditional Tuscan dishes, and beautiful jazz music in the background. The panoramic garden in front of the villa was instead the perfect setting for dinner. The couple wanted to recreate during the reception the warmth and the typical transport of the Lebanese celebrations, through the Lebanese tradition dance called "zaffe". My job is to fulfill the wishes of my clients, and for this we have researched and hired a group of folk dancers from Paris who animated the whole party with dancing and music. A very special moment was the entrance of the couple during the reception. Cristopher was announced by the dancers and all the men got up and went to wait for him under the staircase, celebrating him and applauding him. Soon after, the bride’s father waited for her daughter, and together they went down the stairs of the Villa accompanied by music and dancers. Waiting for them, the groom thanked the father-in- law, and together they greeted and made their entrance between friends and relatives. All the guests tightened to the couple and started dancing, the bride and groom in the center and all around. The very addictive music, the dancers, the warmth of the people, made this moment very emotional. The party continued with the ritual of cutting the cake, dancing and fireworks, the surprise effect of the reception.

Florence was the perfect setting for this Lebanese wedding with an international flavor.

Ph.credits: Francesco Spighi